Feb 02

ACM Distinguished Lecture — 2/10

When: Tuesday, February 10th @ 5:00pm
Where: Butler Hall, Room 100
Food: Sandwiches (Restaurant TBD)

Join us February 10th for our first ACM chapter meeting as well as our distinguished lecturer! Schedule is as follows:

  • 5pm – Food Served
  • 5:30pm – ACM Meeting (Special election, raffle, other ACM business)
  • 6pm – ACM Distinguished Lecturer (Amato Flyer)


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Feb 02

INSCOM and the Army Cyber Command — 2/3

When: Tuesday, February 3rd @ 5:30
Where: Butler Hall, Room 100
Food: Pizza

Please join us for a guest speaker from the the U.S. Army Cyber Command. Though they will be present at the career fair on the 4th, they would like a special audience with the CSE students.

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Nov 11

ACM Meeting — 11/11

When: Tuesday, November 11th @ 5:30
Where: Butler Hall, Room 100
Food: Zaxby’s

Join us for our upcoming ACM chapter meeting.

Semester Membership: $5
Yearly Membership: $10
Yearly Membership w/ T-Shirt: $15

After the meeting:

Functional Programming

by Nate Clark

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Oct 20

ACM Meeting — 10/21

When: Tuesday, October 21st @ 5:30
Where: Butler Hall, Room 100
Food: Pizza

Join us for our upcoming ACM chapter meeting.

Semester Membership: $5
Yearly Membership: $10
Yearly Membership w/ T-Shirt: $15

After the meeting:

An Introduction to Finding, Exploiting, and Preventing SQL Injections

Description: Get an introduction to what SQL Injections are, how the vulnerability is possible, and firsthand experience in finding, exploiting, and preventing them.

Supplies Needed:

  1. A computer with an internet connection
  2. Preferred OS: Kali Linux (Virtual Machine will work perfectly)
    1. Any Linux or Windows machine can run sqlmap using Python


  1. Basic knowledge of what SQL is
  2. Basic knowledge of command-line tools


  1. Overview of SQL injections
    1. What are SQL injections?
    2. How are they logically possible?
    3. What can someone do with this exploit?
  2. Finding SQL injection-related vulnerabilities
    1. Introduction to sqlmap
    2. Scanning URLs
    3. Scanning URLs of sites that require authentication
  3. Exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities
    1. Logging in as any user using basic SQL injection techniques (without sqlmap)
    2. Retrieving tables and data from a database
    3. Retrieving and “decrypting” passwords
    4. Injecting and altering data
    5. OS/Shell vulnerabilities
  4. Brief overview of preventing SQL injections in PHP
    1. Input sanitation
    2. PHP Data Objects (PDO)
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Sep 18

NSA Guest Speaker — 9/23

When: Tuesday, September 23rd @ 5:30
Where: Butler Hall, Room 100
Food: TBD

Please join us for a guest speaker from the National Security Agency. In conjunction with the Career Fair, ACM will be hosting an information session for CSE students about job opportunities that the NSA has to offer.

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Sep 16

ACM Meeting — 9/16

When: Tuesday, September 16th @ 5:30
Where: Butler Hall, Room 100
Food: Chick-fil-A

Join us for our upcoming ACM chapter meeting. Non-members are welcome to join ACM.

Semester Membership: $5
Yearly Membership: $10
Yearly Membership w/ T-Shirt: $15

After the meeting:
ACM Enrichment Course: Using Virtual Machines & Linux Command Line Basics
Join us after the ACM meeting to get an introductory course in installing VirtualBox, installing Ubuntu Linux, and some command line basics. All CSE students can benefit from this course.
What You Need to Bring:

  • A laptop (or desktop, I guess) running either Windows, OS X, Linux or Solaris. Approximately 7GB of free disk space is required (may be a USB drive). 3GB of RAM minimum, 4GB or more recommended.
  • A Pluto account is recommended, but not required. Contact kchisolm@cse.msstate.edu to request a Pluto account if you do not have one.

CSE Courses Where Useful:

  • DCSP
  • Forensics
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Comm.
  • Others

Course Goals:

  1. VirtualBox
    1. Basic understanding of VirtualBox
    2. How to create a virtual machine in VirtualBox
    3. How to install an OS in VirtualBox
    4. Attaching a USB device to a virtual machine
  2. Linux Command Line
    1. Basic file structure
    2. Navigating the file system
    3. Creating, copying, moving, and deleting files & folders
    4. Accessing Pluto using SSH
    5. Copying files from one Linux machine to another using SCP
    6. File permissions
    7. Create, compile, and run a “Hello, World!” C program
    8. Create and run a “Hello, World!” PHP script

Hunter Lovvorn, Software Engineering
This course will not exceed 2 hours.

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Sep 16

New ACM Officers

Chair Nate Clark
Vice Chair Bradley Barnes
Secretary Michael Lamb
Treasurer Lauren Taylor
Membership Emily Epps
Tutoring Justin Samuels
E Week John Horton
Web Master Hunter Lovvorn
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Jan 20

Regions Bank Field Trip Friday 01/31/14

The Computer Science department at Mississippi State University is planning a trip to Regions’ Headquarters in Birmingham, AL. This trip will explore the exciting technological equipment and tools used in the banking industry. Computer Scientists, Software Engineers, and BIS and MIS majors are all encouraged to go. Shuttles will be provided, though seating is limited. They will depart MSU at 7:00 am and return for Starkville at 2:00 – 3:00 pm. Registration is required and available here.

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Jan 20

ACM Distinguished Speaker 01/22/14

Distinguished ACM Speaker:
Michael Macedonia
Bio: Michael R. Macedonia is a computer scientist and an expert on virtual environments, computer games, and military simulation. He speaks frequently on the topics of new technology and science to both technical and general audiences. He have been interviewed and quoted several times by the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wired Magazine. He also has appeared on ABC News, CNBC, and NBC News. He is a frequent speaker and writer, to include a cover story for IEEE Spectrum. Prior to joining SAIC as a Technical Fellow, Dr. Macedonia was the General Manager for Forterra Systems, a leading developer of virtual worlds software. Dr. Macedonia also was the Director of the Disruptive Technology Office (now IARPA) for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. DTO was the U.S. intelligence community’s centrally funded research activity for advanced technology. Prior to DTO, he was responsible for developing the technology strategy for the U.S. Army’s lead training and simulation system development organization. He also led the Army’s effort to develop the Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California, and promoted the adoption of advanced commercial game technology for simulation and education.

He is credited with the development of the US Army’s first commercial Xbox game, Full Spectrum Warrior. He was an early adopter of GPGPU technology for high performance computing and was a member of a research program which is now recognized as a DARPA Legacy. He also served as Vice-president for Research of the Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics, Inc. in Providence, Rhode Island, where he led an international research team to develop a 3D ultrasound system for deployment on a Mt. Everest climbing expedition. He has served on the editorial board for IEEE Computer and was a contributing editor for IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

He is the former Chair of the Association of Computing Machinery’s SIGGRAPH Pioneers. He was the chair of the Defense Gametech 2012 Conference. Dr. Macedonia has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School, where he was a member of the pioneering NPSNET virtual reality research group. He conducted some of the earliest research in the use of the Internet protocols for games and virtual worlds. He is a graduate from the United States Military Academy, West Point and served in infantry and intelligence units in the US and overseas.

Michael Macedonia reports that the U.S. military culture has accepted computer gaming as a powerful tool for remaking the armed forces in preparation for the new realities of the 21st century. The military recognizes that the young people who will serve as tomorrow’s soldiers, sailors, and pilots have spent years immersed in technology. Army studies show that this cohort is very different in terms of skills and attitudes than its predecessors.

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Nov 06

STaRS Meeting 11/08/2012

ACM is holding a meeting on Thursday November 8th at 5:30pm in Butler 100 with STaRS as our guest speaker. Social, Therapeutic and Robotic Systems (STaRS) is a robot-human interaction research group housed in Butler, operated by students, and under the supervision of Dr. Cindy Bethel (cbethel@cse.msstate.edu). I apologize for the short notice.

Members of STaRS will provide a presentation of some of the work they have done with their robots and share more information about what they do and how you can join! There will also be pizza at this event.

Please think of questions to ask them during the meeting!

Place: Butler 100
Date: Thursday (Nov. 8th )
Time: 5:30pm

If you are not a member of ACM, free feel to come to this event and join ACM ($5). ACM t-shirts will also be on sale at every event ($10).
ACM has more exciting things planned for the semester. Stay tuned for more information!

Are you looking for a way to get more hands-on experience in Computer Science? Try looking into clubs/organizations, research groups and/or work-studies to further your knowledge and experience beyond what you’re taught in class!

If you’re interested in STaRS, but won’t be able to attend the meeting. Contact Dr. Cindy Bethel (cbethel@cse.msstate.edu Butler 313) for more information.

Have a great day,

Melanie R. Shumock
ACM Chair

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